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I really am lame at updating this. i do read all my friend's entries though. perhaps I am just too addicted to bebo and facebook to bother with here as much.

some good things have been going on and some not so good things. not so good things include our wee daisy dog dying. she was 14 and had a great life. it's weird going over to mum and dads and to seeing her. she was part of the family and will be greatly missed.

having boy trouble as per usual. i don't have a problem getting dates, i just have a problm meeting the right guy. and then when i do they go away. happened with rick- he moved to america and now i have met a pretty amazing guy who.... guess what... is moving to australia. fucking typical! again i have the dilema of do i hang out with him until he goes (which could lead to trauma when he leaves) or call it quits now. so hard to call it quits though, we have a great time together. bloody men! trying not to feel sorry for myself regarding this. i should be happy that i meet guys. i would just like one that actually hangs around and doesnt get amazing job offers in different countries!

have decided to calm down the partying. think i am suffering for it- feeling mega unhealthy so no more all nighters for me. i am working thursdays and fridays at the moment and not bothering my arse to try and get work for the rest of the week as i would rather be socialising or doing nothing. lazy bastard. have had a couple of days at the shcool i used to go to which has been great but they are few and far between. therefore one is most skint and my finances are fucked. blah.

i now have to take the car to the garage for some recall thing. i would really much rather play the xbox.
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this is what was involved in the most bizarre night of my life:

- wine
- vodka
- crack cocaine
- cross dressing
- vomit
- threesome proposition
- strap ons
- louis vuitton

i can assure you though that I am not a cross dressing crack whore!

when i can be bothered i shall write a proper entry!

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dear me, i always leave it so long between posts. no idea why, not as if i am busy or anything! maybe my bebo obsession has something to do with it.

tis almost the end of the summer holidays and time to start looking for supply work. this is good becuase it means i will sort out my fucked up routine, start sleeping/eating at normal times etc, give me something to focus on other than why boys aren;t texting when they should ;-) and so on. it is bad becuase i am a lazy bastard and quite like having nothing to do. but it def is not good for one mentally or physically. means i am generally inactive and thinking way too much about nonsence. it's nice to be able to do lunch with my friends and not worry about when i go to bed, what nights i go out on blah blah blah.

have had a good holiday methinks. nothing productive was achieved but i had some amazing times with my girls, had a lovely week in tighnabruaich, had my visit from irish boy and met another rather lovely one. but i shall keep my mouth shut about it becuase for way too many reasons it is destined to not last.

meh, feel rubbishy today. jax came over and we were gonna do lunch but i felt all yucky. my own fault for boozing too much last week, not sleeping or eating properly. health kick time methinks? god knows how many times i have said that and not done anything about it!

time for a food shop, seeeeee- bad routine, it is 9pm and i am off to the supermarket. but i have grey's anatomy waiting for me- oh yes!

p.s mothy is beating me at scrabble and this upsets me ;-)
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what a lovely few days I have had *grins*. The irish boy Tim has been staying and it's been lovely. Had a fab time just chiling out with him- walks in the park, smoothies, movies, dinners etc. shame the bastard had to go back to ireland today- booooo! ah well, hopefully he will be back and I didn't do a misery on him and break his legs so he wouldn't leave, go me!

had a pretty sad day today. a girl who used to attend the self help group thingy died last week. she had an epileptic fit in her sleep. only 28 and leaves behind her young son :-( the funeral was very nice though. a lovely humanist service that i am sure she would have approved off. so take care jaclyn, i am sure you are in a better place now x

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It has been a long time since updatage. I have as ever been reading everyone's journals and hugs for those who need them! Mothy updated hers in a list and you all know I like my lists! so in the weeks I have not posted the following has happened:

1) worked right up until the holidays at school and pretty much loved every minute of it!
2) don't think they need me after the holidays so this week one must sort out a school for August
3) like miss mothy I have found more grey hair. unfortunately not all on my head *cries*
4) went to see shrek 3 at the cinema
5) saw the queen and hot fuzz- liked muchly
4) lost my ability to use capital letters
5) had many weekend nights out with my girls who i love more than ever
6) discovered the borneo jungle mix smoothie
7) discovered tampons- seriously 15 years of using sanitary pads, i am a fool!
8) had the most wonderful time at my brother's wedding- pics may follow
9) decided beardy man freaks me out so not going to see him again
10) stalked a boy- not good, they do not respond well!
11) met the most wonderful irish guy who is currently travelling but coming to visit next week
12) changed my living room furniture about
13) had my neighbour turn into mr psycho and threaten my friends with a cake knife
14) had some lovely meals out with friends and family
15) bought some rather beautiful new clothes
16) put on too much weight

the list will continue but I have just seen the time and i have to go pick the mother up.
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About to embark on week 5 of my supply work :-) go me! all is still good but I have succumbed to the usual germs that float about in a primary school and have been most snively this weekend. hence I was a good girl and gave up my weekly friday night booze fest and dancing. not impressed! last weekend was excellent though so this one would no doubt have been a let down! was out and about with my buddies last friday and ended up at stef's parents house where we had a pool party. miracle no one drowned. but it was bloody fantastic. we played in the pool, lay on lilos, played with beach balls. so like the OC, oh how the other half live! if i can be bothered I shall post some pics of me and my friends partying... you lucky lj friends of mine!

got paid on friday, thank god! only for two weeks worth of work though, but it's all good baby as I am getting way more than I did on my permanent post *grins* and come my next pay when I will be getting 4 weeks pay I will finally be in a position to shift some of those nasty debts I have on my credit card.

am rather concerned about my snivels. my head feels like it may explode and the snot will not go away! I am not the best person to be ill and tend to hide until it goes away. but one must go to work no matter what! this is a new concept to me but i am sure i can cope!

ok, picture time.

myself and the lovely hogie bear

title or description

stephy, jax and me (best girls ever!)

title or description

me being drunky

title or description

jax, gaz and myself

title or description

me n dave at steph's

title or description

ok, photo overload!
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the sun is shining :-) one must take advantage of this and try and get some colour! fingers crossed it progresses into sunbathing weather... is that likely?

surprisingly all is still well here in buttercup's world! enjoying work (bar the early mornings) and looking forward to pay day. for some reason it is the 11th of may for supply.... boooooo! need money now please!

last week was a fairly good un. out for dinner a couple of times, been asked on some dates, david returned from his travels and got me a fab diesel bag, had a riot on fri night. however i have decided that the friday booze sessions are a bad idea as saturday is just a total right off. i seem incapable of functioning when hungover and tired. yet equally incapable of going out to consume just a couple of drinks. hmmmmm.

my bro and emma have set the wedding date... 29th june! not long to go, muchos excited. what boy shall i take with me? hahahaa.

kinda enjoying being single. i think with being back at work and having other things to focus on it makes me think that having a bf at the mo will just be a hassle. one for the summer would be nice though! i shall settle for weekend kisses and dates. should take advantage though since no doubt there will be a dry spell before i know it!

i have various chores to do now and i really can not be bothered. tidying is lame. i want a robot maid!
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things seem to be on the up afetr having a traumatic time with my period!

have started supply teaching at a school which is 4 min walk from my flat (woooop). sill be there for a month and possibly until summer holidays! Have an adorable p5 class who actually have manners, respect for others and themselves and are intelligent! couple of cases of autism amongst them which is really interesting as well. i would still like to move into special needs at some point, it really is facinating. what a different school to the last one I was at, the atmosphere and ethos is fabulous.

so, in summary: i have work at a nice place and am enjoying it, this means i get money which means i can pay bills and buy pretty things. it has also confirmed that i have made the right choice going supply. i feel much more comfortable and at ease with work and myself. of course, i may get a dreadful class next but i fell better equiped to deal with it. i am looking forward to seeing other schools, children etc. however i say this now and am well aware things change. it is early days but hopefully for now i will remain on a roll!

on negative news the boy came over to say goodbye as he moves to america tomorrow. this makes me sad and i will miss him :-( i shall attempt to have the whats for you won't go by you attitude despite the fact i think its bolloks! but i am happy in other things at the moment so i am keeping my chin up and aw that!

much love you all. peace out etc xxx
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Having periods sucks! They make my tummy hurt and make me all miserable. grrrrrrrrrrrr!

wasted beautiful sunny day being hungover and grumpy. but i feel at the moment i am wasting all my days. i feel like i am hardly living... just existing. only i can rectify this and i will. i am fed up of the same places and the same people. roll on it not being my time of the month and then i can have happy thoughts!

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do you ever feel like some greater force is conspiring against you? i am sure it must be karma. It's not that things are going totally wrong or anything, just wee things that make me think.... ffs, come on... gimme a break!!!

some examples from the past 2 weeks:
- almost breaking toe
- washing machine leaking
- new washine machine arriving and being taken away as a bit was missing
- doing weekly shop and having credit card refused despite being nowhere near my limit on it
- losing switch card
- being refused for various temp jobs due to lack of experience working within an office environment
- being fannied about by personnel at council with regards to supply work
- having a chair randomly fall on me in the kitchen causing muchos pain and bruising
- being injured by a bracelet
- choking on mouth wash resulting in swallowing it
- boy finishing it
- new boy not texting back
- other new boy now seeming uninterested after date (sake, my chat was amazing)
- losing photos in cyberspace
- hurting arm after carrying in new storage boxes. said boxes then almost fell apart
- never getting a parking space as randoms keep parking in mine (esp when I have lots of shopping to carry in)
- wall hanger thing falling off wall
- having red wine spilt all over the couches and running out of stain remover
- wallet bursting open and loose change falling on shop floor
- printer running out of ink when i needed it
- having no painkillers when inflicted with killer hangover
- fucking up feet in new shoes

hmmm, i am sure there is more! ok, it doesn't seem like a huge deal, and it's not really. just seems like all these small crappy things keep happening and it's not fair! roll on when things go my way!

hope all the peeps with paraskevidekatriaphobia survive today ;-)
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